Special Welcome!

Welcome to our library blog! A very special welcome to our library blog!

Special, because our library blog has become even more important than before. Many PYP students are currently home due to situation with the corona virus/covid-19. Therefore, our leadership has decided to offer our curriculum through distance learning. We, our school library, would also like to reach out to those students and families. So from now, we will post daily material for you and your child(ren) on our library blog.

But how do you run a school library online? So much of our library spirit is in the conversations we have with our students, it is in the laughter, it is in the sharing, the trying and helping each other. We look at books together, think and talk about stories together, recommend titles and read to each other. Can we simulate this through distance learning? No, we can’t.

What we can do, however, is offering you a range of thoughts, discoveries and questions connected to reading, stories, books – and, hopefully also, imagination, thinking beyond and creativity! We hope that you will feel some of our library spirit with your family as you’re sharing stories, reflections and ideas with one another.

So what will this online library learning look like? 

Every day, around 10 am, we will post content organized in the following categories:

  • STORY TIME: We will post read alouds, continuing the novels we’ve been reading in PYP 2 – 5. We will share picture books for K – 1 students.
  • SPARK: Read & Respond. Questions to spark conversations between parent and student about their own reading, or the posted read alouds.
  • DO: Activities connected to reading, crafts, make your own book, etc. Criteria: easy, no need to go out and buy special materials, imagination required, open-ended activity. For example: What can you make out of a juice box/milk carton? Post a pic! Share a story! Or; use four empty toilet rolls. Can you make a character out of that? What kind of story would it be in? What is happening to that character? 
  • REASONS TO READ: Inspiration for parents. Quotes from children’s literature related books, for example:
    • The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
    • The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller
    • Tell Me and The Reading Environment by Aiden Chambers 
    • Non Fiction Reading Power by Adrienne Gear

Each day, we will focus on different year groups. Each day, a link to the new post will be communicated to you via ManageBac Messages. It might be easier to start following our library blog, so you receive a notification directly.

The weekly plan will look like this:

Monday – Material for PYP K – 1

Tuesday – Material for PYP 2

Wednesday – Material for PYP 3

Thursday – Material for PYP 4 and 5

Friday – “Friday Family Day”: with a focus on board games, and other group based activities and games.

Please check out our “Online Library Resources” page, updated with many online story times, audiobooks, etc.

This is new to us. Like our PYP Principal said to us, “This isn’t going to be scary, but it will be different.” Please provide us with feedback! Leave a comment in our comment sections on our blog posts page. Or email me at fleur.doornberg-puglisi@isgr.se

Thank you for your support, flexibility and understanding.

Together we will create a virtual library spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

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