Creative School Project

Just like last year, our school participates in the Creative School (Skapande Skola) project, funded by the National Arts Council. The first step of the project is to brainstorm with the students what kind of creative activities they would like to do, learn, experience or see.
After that, we write an Action Plan. Our Action Plan gets assessed, and we wait for a reply. When it gets approved (or part of it) by the National Arts Council, we receive funding for the planned cultural experiences. This school year we are able to organize the following activities with the received funding: clay sculpting (week 43), author/illustrators workshops, drama and music workshops (week 11, as part of our Reading Festival). All students have the opportunity to participate, and the workshops will take place during class time, or library time.
We will, of course, share photos and students’ reflections on their creative learning experiences with you!
If you have any questions about the Creative School project at our school, please contact Fleur ( or Elin (
Fleur focuses on the students at the Guldheden Campus, and Elin on the students at the Götaberg Campus.
Thank you!

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