Book Scavenger!

Dear Members of the ISGR Community,

I would like to announce the start of our Gothenburg Book Scavenger game! Participation is totally voluntary, super fun and simply a different way of interacting with books and stories.

The original Book Scavenger game plays an important role in the book, “Book Scavenger” written by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. In the book, two children find and hide books as part of the Book Scavenger game. Of course, lots of things go wrong, there are mysteries to solve, and clues to follow. We have one copy of the book in the library (if students like it, we will get more!), but you can find it here as well. You can still play the game, even if you haven’t read the book!

How do you participate?

As a Scavenger: 

  1. Check the Book Scavenger website to see where books are hidden in Gothenburg. Click here for the Book Scavenger Website. Find the “Latest Activity” tab, then put in “Gothenburg” as a search in the box on the right hand side. You will see this.
  2. Choose which book(s) you would like to find.
  3. If you have found the book, make sure you register it on the Book Scavenger website. That way, everyone knows the book has been found, and they don’t need to look for it!
  4. You can keep the book you have found! You can read it, share it, enjoy it!

As a Hider: 

  1. Choose a book from home (or new from the store?!) you have enjoyed, but you are ready to part with. You think someone else might like to read it!
  2. Choose a place where you are going to hide it. Make sure it is an accessible place for everyone, and if you place it in a story, library, supermarket, etc. – be sure to get permission. Once you have decided on a place, register the book on the Book Scavenger website. Make sure you get a tracking number, and put the Book Scavenger form in the book. (I can help with copies of the Book Scavenger form).
  3. Hide the book!
  4. Now wait and see… Who will find your book?

I hope lots of ISGR students and families will join in, and perhaps students from other schools might too! It is open to everyone, not just our school community. So complete strangers can find the books too, check out the website, and decide to play as well!

Happy Scavenging!



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