Question of the Week – And More!

Dear Members of our ISGR Community,

This week’s library Question of the Week is: How can reading and reflecting on books can inspire you to take action? It might be interesting to talk with your child(ren) about books you have read together, and what kind of choices or decisions you have inspired by these stories.

We have volunteers for every day of the week. Thank you all for your dedication, time and energy!

Today, a student said, “Can I reserve that Book Scavenger book, because I want to know what everybody is talking about!” Quite a few students have been looking for the books I hid. Feel free to encourage your child to hide books as well! Check to learn how.

Our after-school library times are happily busy. Students come to read, study for their own inquiries, and do homework tasks. We welcome all students and their caregivers, but just to clarify: being in the library should never be a substitution for joining PAL.

Our last thing for this post: if you commute a lot (to/from work/school), try listening to a book! Check out this link for free audiobooks (both Swedish and English). Check out or in English, and in Swedish.

Happy Reading & Listening!


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