Our D.E.A.R. Friends: off to see the world!


One last read with our D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Friends, before they are sent off to see the world! Their first stop is the IB 50th Anniversary Global Conference (4 – 6 October). Here is the message from Freddy and Frida (attached to them like a little book) for the person who finds them:

Hello There!

I am so glad you found me!  I am your D.E.A.R.-Friend! Your Drop Everything And Read-Friend!

Will you take a moment to read to me?

It would be great if you can take a photo of me with the book.  Photos will be posted on: https://isgrguldlibrary.wordpress.com.  

Tell us where you’re from and why you chose to read that book to me!  

When you feel like you’ve read enough stories to me, you can give me to your (faraway) friend, your teacher, or leave me at your local library for someone else to find.

Email questions, photos and stories to: dearfriends.freddyandfrida@gmail.com

Happy Reading!

Your D.E.A.R. Friends,

Freddy and Frida

We hope Freddy and Frida will travel the world, meet many kind people who will read to them (in whichever language!), and maybe one day we will welcome Freddy and Frida back to our ISGR Library!  In the meanwhile, I will let you know as soon as we’ve got news about Freddy and Frida’s adventures. Keep an eye on this blog!

Greetings from Vienna,


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