We Thank You!

Dear Members of our ISGR Community,

Yvonne, from Usborne Books, and I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm for the book sale! Expressed in sales adding up to a stunning 12 080 SEK! The biggest one yet.

We thank you!  Because this means we can choose 4 832 SEK worth of Usborne Books for our school library, so everyone will benefit from your generous purchases!

So far, we have chosen the following titles:

Butterfly summer 
Forbidden friends 
Tangled secrets 
Icarus the boy who flew to high 
The trouble with perfect 
A place called perfect 

Secret series:
2. If you’re reading this it’s too late 
3. This book is not good for you 
4. This isn’t what it looks like 
5. You have to stop this 

Politics for beginners 
Business for beginners 
Coding python
Coding scratch

And we’ve got room to chose more. An update will follow!

Thanks again.

Happy Reading,

Yvonne & Fleur


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