We Are Courageous!

Dear Readers,

This week the question we are looking at is: How can we be courageous in the library? We play two different games this week, Book Bags and Blind Choice. If you play Book Bags, you pick (without looking) a book from the bag (which we have prepared. They know it is a mix of classic and new titles, appropriate for their grade level). The book you take out, is the book you check out! In Blind Choice, a partner will choose a book for you while you are sitting with your eyes closed in the library. Whatever your partner brings, is the book you check out! (Of course, we have talked about what might be courageous choices and how this game can be fun for everyone).

Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun it can be to be courageous!

It is a busy time of the year with lots of celebrations happening, but perhaps you have time to attend the opening of Gothenburg’s World Literature House (Världs literatur huset) at Gamlestads Torg 11. It is a completely new building which houses a grand collection of world literature titles in many different languages, which you can borrow as it is a library! They are opening on Saturday, December 1st with lots of festive, fun and interesting activities to participate in from 12u – 20u. Check out this link for more information. Everyone is welcome, and it is all free!

In the next few weeks, our library lessons will look like this:

Week 49: Students return and borrow books. Question of the week: How can we be communicators in the library?

Week 50: Students return ALL of their library books. They do not check out new books. Question of the week: How can we be open-minded in the library?

Week 51: No library lessons. Library is open to return books, if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Of course, we support reading during the Winter Holidays, so if you need help with acquiring an account with the public library, we are happy to help you! Just email fleur.doornberg-puglisi@isgr.se.

Kind Regards,




One thought on “We Are Courageous!

  1. What a fun way to be courageous and try out new books!

    I look forward to visiting the world literature house when it opens!

    Thanks Library teacher Fleur!


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