Reading Festival Drama… and Music!

As you know we will welcome authors and illustrators to our Reading Festival in week 11 (Justin D’Ath, Daniel Špaček, and Hanna Olausson), but we also celebrate storytelling through drama and music.

Our workshop leader for the drama sessions is Beth Neale. She lead the drama workshops last year as well, and she’s excited to work with our students (LGRP 4 and 5, PYP 3 – 5) again this year. The idea is that she will be doing different drama exercises and games with each class, and she’ll record one scene (of a continuous play) with each class. These workshops take place Monday through Thursday. Thursday evening, she’ll be editing all these scenes together into one piece. On Friday, the classes come to the library and watch their scene in a completed piece! We are excited to try something new, and tell a story together that way!

We will also welcome Josue & Alban, world musicians, to our school. They will be sharing their music stories with the students (LGRP F – 3 and PYP K – 2). They are experienced musicians, and have performed for and worked with children for many years. Josue is a music teacher in daily life!

Josue and Alban

We are honored and excited to welcome such creative and inspiring cultural practitioners to our ISGR community!

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