Assembly, Dress Up Day, and Book Binding!

Tomorrow we will start our week with two assemblies, one for the younger years and one for the older years (our student population is too big to fit in the big bamba!). It will be a festive start of our Reading Festival! Remember that all students (and teachers!) are invited and encouraged to dress up as a book character! The library is turned into Emerald City, of the Wizard of Oz! Sophie will be the Wizard, and I will be the door guard. We just need to fix the yellow brick road!

We are looking forward to many creative and fun costumes!

Josue and Alban will be in the library for the next two days, sharing their stories through musical instruments and songs. We can’t wait!

Beth Neale will be starting her full week of drama workshops tomorrow. Students will be doing different drama/theater exercises, as well as one scene each of the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. On Friday, the students will come to the library to see a complete film of their stitched together scenes, turned into a complete story.

We will finish the day with the book binding workshop in the library, from 14.30 – 15.30. All students and parents are welcome. First come, first serve though… as we have limited seats! Teachers Jaime, MB and Catherine will be leading the workshop.

We are looking forward to a great start of our Reading Festival!


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