365 Days of Ideas

Our PYP Principal (Moragh Randall) wrote a message to our school community regarding students playing the online game “Fortnite”. She writes, “Fortnite has a PEGI age rating of 12, due to the violent nature of the game; it is not suitable for persons under 12 years of age. We have been concerned to discover that children at ISGR as young as 6 and 7 years old are interacting with this game and we do not deem this as appropriate. It is vital that boundaries are set and that children are given alternatives to explore different activities away from their screens. Please be aware of your child’s online activities, and have regular chats around safe practices.”

In support of this message, I would like to highlight a few of our library books that might help you break unhealthy online gaming habits, or develop new family routines – away from the screen.

The first set of books are directly related to being safely online:

The second set of books will give your family 365 ideas of other things to do… something different every day of the year!

Finally, we have recently purchased the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books for younger readers. The books are very popular and always checked out! Email us to reserve a copy. Also… how fun would it be to create your own “Choose Your Own Adventure” book!

What kind of family activities do you do? Feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Playing!

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