Summer Reading Challenge

In week 20, students will be informed about the Summer Reading Challenge they can join. Parents can join in too!

Students will pick six books to read over the summer. If they have read a book, they can either write about it or draw something. Once completed, they will give the Summer Reading Challenge 2019 form to Fleur, when they return in August. Students who are leaving ISGR, can still do the Summer Reading Challenge, but they just won’t return the form.

In week 20, the students will brainstorm together with me what happens when you have completed the Summer Reading Challenge. Choose a new book for in the library? For each completed challenge, 10 SEK goes toward a joined project/event? Have a library party? Visit a publisher, author, or the world language library? By the end of week 20, I will let you know what we have decided!

We are excited to learn all about the Summer Reading the students are planning on doing!

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