Wrapping Up And Rolling Out

Wrap Up (blog)

It is time to wrap up our school year. Sophie and I will be detectives when chasing overdue loans, archaeologists when looking for lost books, interior stylists when re-arranging the library, ruthless judges when we are weeding our non-fiction section, and finally – (teacher) librarians when we are planning book purchases, learning engagements and library activities for the next school year. As you can see, we’ve got a lot of wonderful things to do before the summer break starts up!

Books on Wheels (blog)After the summer break, we will be rolling out our new Graphics section. Because of a very generous donation of the PTA (50.000 SEK from the Winter Bazaar, so thanks to you too!), we are able to buy new shelves, seating as well as beautiful, recently published, age appropriate Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga fiction for the new Graphics section. We hope to have it all in place by the end of September. We don’t want to rush our book choices, plus we would like to involve the students in the selection of the books for the Graphics section. Young lady reading a book

Reading-with-KidsThe summer break for me, is a time of reflection. If you’d also like to take a moment to reflect on your own parenting in relation to encouraging your child to read a lot – click here. I agree with every point in the article, except for point 6. Of course, don’t punish your child for not reading, but no need to read for rewards either. Read this article by Alfie Kohn to understand why!

Read Aloud Comic

Summer Reading ChallengeSummer is a time to be outdoors, explore new places, go on adventures and many other of these amazing endless activities. But it is also a time to read! Your child is (still) welcome to join the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge. (Please excuse my one jumbled sentence in the form!).

Download the form: ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Here are some last dates for the calendar: 

If you have ordered books via the Scholastic Books Club/Sale, your child will receive the books on Monday, June 10th or Tuesday, June 11th. We’ve had some hiccups with the delivery, but the books should arrive tomorrow! (Monday, June 10th).

On Wednesday, June 12th the library will close at 15.00 due to the preparation for the end of year ceremony on the last day of school.

After feedback from the students who are participating in the ISGR SDG Book Club, we will not have our second meeting on Wednesday June 12th during lunch break (it is their last lunch break of the year!), but we will pick it back up in August!

The library will be open on Monday through Thursday during school time to return your (overdue) school library books, if needed! The library is open Monday and Tuesday until 16.00 as well.

Have a great week!

A Reader's Manifesto



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