All The Good Things Take Time

“So… what do you when the students are not in the library?” is a question we, naturally, get asked sometimes. Well… this is what we do:

We overhaul the library and re-organize it to make it (even more!) user-friendly for our students. We’d like our students to feel excited about finding books, but not overwhelmed by the choices (because we do have a lot of books!). As you can see on the photos, we’re still in the process. The library will be organized, inviting and exciting by the time the students come back in August.

And of course, we’re getting ready for our new Graphics Section! Thank you, PTA!

Graphics section coming soon

For now, we’d like to wish you a wonderful, active and restful summer break.

And as always… Happy Reading! (Not sure what to read? Look at this list for recommendations and keep an eye out for fun (reading related) activities in the city library.)

See you in August!

Diverse Kids Reading


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