Library Flow

Our first three days in the library with the students have been great! It was fantastic to see their smiling faces again, and to meet new friends. The library lesson routine is slightly different. We start with a story/circle time, and then students are free to check out and read their books. We are not ending with a circle anymore, which means less transitions, and more time for the students to choose and read their book(s). Story time will be at the beginning of the lesson instead. So far the students seem to have appreciated the slower pace of their library time.

We have also noticed that the new arrangement in the library (less tables/chairs, more couches and comfortable places to sit) contributes to a better flow and calm atmosphere in the library.

For the next six weeks, each library lesson will introduce (or consolidate) something students need to know, to understand or be able to do. The overall goal for the students is to to use the library independently, confidently and responsibly.

On Monday, September 2nd we will have a library party for the students who have completed the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge. I have received the forms of quite a few students who have completed the challenge. If your child hasn’t yet, please remind them to do so before Wednesday, August, 28th. I will email you an invitation with more details by the end of this upcoming week.

If you have a steady hand and clear handwriting, I need your help! I am creating a sign with the word “library” on it, in many different languages. I need parent volunteers who are able to write in (one of) the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, and Russian. If you are interested in helping out with the sign, please email me: Thank you!


Your Library Team 

Fleur (Library Teacher: Monday – Wednesday, and Friday)


Sophie (Librarian: Tuesday – Friday).


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