Healthy People, Healthy Planet

In week 37, we were busy practicing checking out our books correctly. The students did so successfully!

We had lots of requests from first and second graders for shorter, fun chapter books they could read on their own. So we pulled out a bunch (they are in the general fiction section, usually), and laid them out on the floor – and later up on a temporary display. We love hearing from the students what they like to read and what kind of books they are looking for!


Next week (week 38) is Healthy & Sustainability Week at our school. All staff and students will be focusing on our theme, “Healthy People, Healthy Planet”. In the library, we have put up several displays to encourage students to choose books connected to this theme. Being informed about healthy choices for yourself and the planet, leads to action!

Our Word of the Week is “Perspective”, one of the IB Key Concepts. The Quote of the Week comes from “Voices in the Park” by Anthony Browne. Anthony Browne is the master of thought-provoking picture books, where the concept of perspective is always at play. Listen to and watch Voices in the Park, an extended version of Voices in the Park, Zoo, and What If… All great stories by Anthony Browne to explore the concept of perspective.

We will we use “perspective” as a tool to discuss the question, “How do we want to treat each other in the library?”. We will explore this question using scenarios that often occur. For example, two students want the same book. Or many students need our help at the same time. We use photos as our starting point for our conversation.

On Monday, September 16th, we have the SDG Book Club in which we will read about and discuss the SDG #2: Zero Hunger and #3: Good Health and Well-being. We will read and work with the story What What What? by Arata Tendo and illustrated by Ryoji Arai. It is quite a serious story about a boy always asking questions. This story is about asking more when others are scared of finding out. The SDG Book Club starts at 14.45 and is open to students in grade 2 and up.

If your child has an after-school activity, but is not eligible for PAL, please do remember that our lovely public library at Dr. Fries Torget (5 mins walk from the school) is a great place to wait. They even have one table where you can eat a snack, and you can get coffee and tea. Upstairs they have tables to do homework, and couches/comfy chairs for quiet reading. They are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 16.00. Tuesday and Thursday until 19.00.

We are ready for another great week in the library; looking at things from different perspectives and focusing on well-being for ourselves, others and our planet!


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