Banned Books Weeks and More

There is a lot going on this week, even though it is only a four day week for the students!

Last Week

On Monday, we had our first SDG Book Club meeting. It turned out that the students enjoyed reading the SDG comics independently. The book I had planned for Read Aloud, “What what what!”, was read by two students – reading it to each other. I am curious to see what will happen during our next SDG Book Club meeting on October 14th!

Sophie and I went graphic novel, manga and comics hunting at the Sci-fi Bokhandeln in town. We spent nearly two hours browsing and checking out the books there. We now have a list of age-appropriate graphic novel, manga and comic books to be purchased before the winter break. We will also take some time at the city library and hear from the librarians there which graphic novels and manga book are popular, appropriate and fun. We are excited to expand our graphics section in our school library! If you have any book tips, please let us know!

Here’s a taste of the library atmosphere. This class had to get ready to go to lunch, but I didn’t want to disturb them! The students were so focused and relaxed, without much guidance. Alas, they couldn’t stay…

This Week

Our Word of the Week is “Censorship”, which is connected to the International Banned Books Week. The Quote of the Week comes from the most challenged book in the 1990s. Can you guess in which book this quote belongs?


It is important that our students understand what a privilige it is to be able to access many different books, on many different topics. Even when these topics are controversial and not part of the mainstream thinking. Students will be surprised that some books that are so normal for them to read, are acutally banned in some part of the world. For example, Captain Underpants and Harry Potter! You can read here which books are banned and challenged frequently and consistently.


As a continuation of last week’s “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” focus, we have a display in our library to encourage students to inform themselves about the climate change. On Friday, September 27th there is a Global Climate Strike from 3 – 5 pm in town (Kungsportsplatsen). Let’s use our voice!

Learner Agency


And of course, in the library we also have the recycling bins provided by our Green Flag Committee – just like in all the classrooms.



Connected to choice and ownership, one of the displays focuses on organic farming, vegetarian cooking and eating well. Invite your child to inquire into the food they are eating. Where is it coming from? How is it grown? How did we prepare it? How does it affect my body?


This week (wk 39) during our library time, the students will participate in a scavenger hunt. The goal is for students to know exactly where and how they can find the different kinds of books we have in the library: Swedish/English. Fiction/Non-Fiction. Rainbow Readers, Audio Books, Graphics. Picture books. A variety of genres… And so on!

The Week After

In week 40, we will gather our thoughts and work on library agreements. In preparation for that, I have collated the students’ ideas on what kind of place the library is and how we take care of the library. We will keep the “What if” posters up as well.


We are looking forward to a great week!

Happy Reading!


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