Usborne Books Pre-Order and Week 40

Here we are again! The weeks just fly by!

I didn’t have much chance to talk with the students about the Banned Books, so we will continue with the display – and keep the Quote and Word of the Week up as well.

In Week 40, we will focus on our Read Alouds and we will brainstorm library agreements. The goal of the agreements is to support what students have expressed they want to do in the library: read, relax, check out books and have fun! Each class will generate two or three agreements, which I will then put together into one set of library agreements for everyone who enters the library. Next week in the blog post, you will find out what these agreements are!

Our displays this week are connected to the International Children’s Day celebrated on Monday, October 7th in Sweden. This is a day to celebrate children! We have pulled out a bunch of books about children all over the world, as well as fun (indoor) games to play with the whole family. All of the books on the Swedish display are new, as well as the picture books Sophie recently cataloged.


And here are some more new books:


Soon we will also honor the Universal Children’s Day, celebrated on November 20th, when in 1959 the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. More about that in November!

On Monday, September 30th, we will have Story Time for our Library Club. Parents and siblings are invited too! I will read a story, and then we will do some drawing and storytelling ourselves. We start at 14.40, and wrap up around 15.15.

Usborne Independent organiser

On Wednesday, October 16th Yvonne will be at our school with the Usborne Books! It is the day the Developmental Talks will be held, and you are welcome to come and browse the books. You can find Yvonne on the landing above the reception. She will be happy to help you find the right books for you! The school library will receive a percentage from the books Yvonne sells, and with that credit we can choose beautiful Usborne Books for our library. So you are enriching your family’s reading environment while supporting our school library! 

As always, you will be able to pre-order books. You can pre-order until Thursday, October 3rd! Yvonne will bring the books to school on that day, and you can pick it up from her book stall. Email Yvonne directly: Please don’t order from the website! But you can browse the catalog so you can let Yvonne know what you would like to order: Usborne Catalog.

We are looking forward to another great week!

Happy Reading!


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