Shared Reading and Read Aloud

Last Week (41)

There are all kinds of reading. Reading quietly, silently. Reading independently, reading with help. Reading aloud to parents, or parents reading aloud to their children. Reading for pure pleasure, reading to become a better reader. Last week, we noticed how much our students like shared reading. The joy of sharing a story, a fact, an illustration multiplies the engagement students have when they are interacting with their book. Here’s a mosaic of shared reading last week:

Last Monday, we had our Library Club: Board Games Afternoon. We played Dixit, and it was very fun! Lots of imaginative ideas and interpretation connected to the visuals flew over the table. Our next Board Games Afternoon is on Friday, October 25th (the last school day before Höst Lov/Fall Break.)

The level of excitement for the Board Games Afternoons, and the lack of interest for the Story Time and SDG Bookclub events, have led us to decide to not run the Story Time and SDG Bookclub activities – but instead increase the frequency of the Board Games Afternoons! We will run them every other Monday, and every other Friday (to give people the chance to join if they can’t make it on one of the days). In the blog post of 3/11, we will announce the exact dates.

This Week (42)

This Monday, instead of our SDG Bookclub, we will have a Library Lovers meeting with all the student library helpers who have been eagerly and excitedly helping out in the library after school. We will discuss what it means to be a student library helper, and that with rights come responsibilities! We will also introduce signing up to help out, which means two Library Lovers can be student library helpers per afternoon.


On Wednesday (October 16th) you will find Yvonne with Usborne Books at our school. Her stall is placed on the floor just above the reception. You are very welcome to stop by and browse the books. Remember that with each purchase, you support our school library!

This week during our library time, we will present and discuss our Library AgreementsLibrary Agreements Visual and Library Agreements. We will also focus on our Read Aloud novels and picture books. If you would like to learn more about the importance of reading aloud to your child, we have got an amazing resource in our library, called “The Read Aloud Handbook.” It has a large section just with recommendations. You are welcome to check it out from our school library!

The Read Aloud Handbook

Also, check out the Global Read Aloud initiative. We have ordered both The Bridge Home and Stella Díaz Has Something To Say, and they will be available in our library within a few weeks!

Looking Ahead (Week 43)

In week 43, we celebrate our International/Culture Week at ISGR, build around October 24th; UN Day. Every afternoon, there will be after-school activities in the library. All students, parents and teachers are invited. No sign up needed, just show up! (Remember, this is not the upcoming week, but the week after!). Take a look at the poster to see what is happening! We are looking forward to see many of you there! Culture Week (43) in the Library

As always; Take care & Happy Reading!

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