Week 43 (plus Usborne Books and more!)

International/Culture Week

Let’s start with the exciting week ahead of us! We will be celebrating UN day on Thursday, as well as many other activities in and outside the classroom connected to the International/Culture Week.

In the library, all members of the ISGR community are welcome to come after school (14.30 – 15.15) to join in with the activities. Please note that a few changes have been made to the program!

Monday: Origami book making with Fleur.

Tuesday: Music with Tom, Aled and Joel. Come listen, dance and sing along!

Wednesday: Read Aloud in different languages.

Thursday: MYO bookmark with Sophie.

Friday: Board Games. Come play board games with us! Bring your own, or join in a game of Dixit or Settlers of Catan.

… and on Friday we also have the “Yellow Box”. The yellow box is in Sophie’s office, and whenever we choose to withdraw a book from the library (for a variety of reasons), it is put in the yellow box. Twice a term, we lay out all the books on the floor for students to browse, choose – then take home… forever, for free!

Usborne Book Sale

The Usborne Book Sale last Wednesday was a great success! Yvonne sold more books than any of our previous ISGR book sale events!

Which means… we get to choose Usborne Books for 4 738 SEK for our school library. Thanks to your purchases! So thank you, again. Here is a selection of the books we have chosen (just a selection, we have many more on order – mostly non-fiction):


Graphics Section

A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon going through many manga series and graphic novels at the Sci-Fi Bokhandel, trying to decide which ones would be good for our school library. Last week, on Wednesday morning, we explored the graphics section at the big public library (Stadsbiblioteket). Based on that, we have compiled a list of titles/series of appropriate and interesting books. We have now placed the order, and are very excited to expand our Graphics Section! Of course, it takes time for the books to arrive and process (sticker, label, cover, catalog, etc.) – but it is happening! If you remember, this is possible because of a very generous PTA donation. So again, we have to thank our amazing ISGR community for your support!

We have bought the first three of several different series. If students show interest, we can complete the series at a later time. We have tried to purchase graphic novels and manga series showing a variety of styles and story telling. We have included both English and Swedish titles, and titles appealing for a range of ages and reading levels. Here is a small selection of the books we have ordered. A preview! 

Volunteers Needed!

With all these wonderful new books coming in, we need volunteers to help label, sticker and cover the books. This is a very time consuming job! Our hard working Tuesday and Friday volunteer (Daphnie) has returned back to Canada, so we are looking for a volunteer for these two days. You can come for a few hours in the morning, or just the afternoon – or you can stay the whole day! If you are interested, please email us: fleur.doornberg-puglisi@isgr.se and sophie.arnold@isgr.se Thank you!

Board Game Afternoons

We have decided on new dates for the Board Game Afternoons. Print off the Board Games poster, or keep reading! The Board Game Afternoons, take place in the library after school (14.30 – 15.30 ish). Students from grades 3 and up are welcome to join. Younger students should be accompanied by their parents.

Dates: October 25th (Friday), November 4th (Monday), November 15th (Friday), November 25th (Monday), December 6th (Friday), December 16th (Monday).

Library Agreements

Last week, with every single class, we touched base on the library agreements. All students were asked whether they strongly disagreed with any of the three library agreements, or if they thought something was missing. In general, students were positive about the agreements. Two sub points were added: “We are fair and we share” and “We are open-minded”. Now the library agreements look like this: Library Agreements (1)

The Next Post

We will try to post daily photos and videos of our Cultural Week events on the blog. Follow this blog, so you don’t miss out!

Before the Fall Break/ Höst Lov starts, we will try to post a selection of the many (many!) free, fun and interesting activities to do with your child(ren) in Gothenburg during our week off.

Until then,

Happy Reading!

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