Week 45: Welcome Back!

Key Concept: Form

After a restful and fun break, we are ready for the rest of this term. We will be focusing on the IB Key Concepts: one concept a week, seven in total. As if it’s meant to be, we have seven school weeks ahead of us before the Winter Break!

IB Key concepts

Each week, when we do our read aloud, we will take a moment to reflect on what we’ve read – connecting this week’s key concept to the story. This week: Form.

Ib key concept Form

Here are the read aloud books per grade. Please note that for PYP 1, we choose a different picture book per week, or a short story from an anthology. This week’s picture book is an old favorite to explore the key concept form: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.


Genre Stickers

In the next few weeks, we will highlight the genre stickers we are using, to help students find the books they are looking for. The sticker is placed on the spine of the book. So far, we are using genre stickers for thriller/suspense, horror/scary, sports, humor, mystery, fantasy, true stories and fairy tales. Currently on display are the newly added genre stickers historical fiction (left) and science fiction (right):

Beast Quests Series

We have been donated many (many!) Beast Quest books that are now on display – ready to be checked out. Take a look at the fun facts about the Beast Quest series!

Beyond Reading

If you are a Harry Potter fan (and you speak Swedish), consider joining the Harry Potter-fan Book Club run by the Stadsbibliotek. They have an event on 7/11 and 26/11.

If you would like to read books on your tablet, or listen to a book, in your native language, you are welcome to visit the website of the World Library. After you make an account, you can listen and read e-books for free!

Children’s Book Week

On Monday, the Children’s Book Week in the United States will start! And they will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary. Of course, we are in Sweden, but it can still be a great inspiration to encourage every child to be a reader. To try and do the best we can to find “just right” books for all children! The 100 years/100 books lists can be a great resource to find our next favorite book.

Board Games

This Monday (November 4th), we will play Dixit! The next board game session is on a Friday. We will play Settlers of Catan then. Of course, students are welcome to play chess, kalaha, boggle, or any game they have brought with them. Parents are invited to play as well!

Quote of the Week

We will end this post with the Quote of the Week. And of course… Happy Reading!


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