Week 46: Function

Here’s a short library update for the upcoming week! You’re invited to read this together with your child(ren).

Board Games

Last Monday, we had a great time playing Dixit. This week, on Friday (November 15th: 14.30 – 15.30), we will play Settlers of Catan. Of course, students are welcome to play chess or any other game they’d like to play with their friends.


This week’s key concept is: function. We will connect this to our read aloud stories this week. With PYP 1, we will read the second half of The Gruffalo.

ib key concept function

New Books

Thanks to Sophie’s speedy processing and cataloging, we have a lot of new (Usborne) books to look forward to!


Also, our graphics have arrived – so we’re busy stickering, labeling, covering and cataloging these new books as well. Extra thanks to our library volunteers!

Read here why children should read graphic novels/comics.

Knowledge is SUPER power

Happy Reading!

I'd like to watch TV




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