Week 48: Connected to Creative School


Last week’s spread of SDG comics, new novels and the Ten Tales of Different Cultures picture books.

First things first: Board Games on Monday, November 25th! We will be playing Dixit, but other games (chess, Tsuro, story cubes, etc.) will be available as well. You can bring your own game and friends, or try a new game and meet new friends! See you at 14.30 in the library! (Until about 15.30).

Next week’s key concepts Connection will be explored through the lens of voting for Creative School activities. This is the time of year when we apply for the Creative School funding (Skapande Skolan, through the National Council of the Arts). If our action plan and application is approved, we will receive a grant with which we can organize creative workshop and activities for the students. It is a democratic process, which means that the student are asked to vote on what kind of creative/arts activities they would like to participate in, as well as which author or literary genre they are interested in. The voting will happen in both the LGRP and PYP section, as this is a whole school project. The actual events will happen in the school year of 2020 – 2021.

The Friday classes have already voted, since they will be swimming next week on Friday! 

We have four more weeks left until the Winter Break. In week 51 (the last week before the break), students are only returning books. Students can check out books again after the break. This is also when we release our new books in the updated Graphic Section! More information about that in January.

Happy Reading!


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