Week 50 + 51

With nearly a daily post last week, we will keep this post short! Scroll down for previous posts, if you have missed them.

Next week’s key concept is responsibility and the week after, change. We will be connecting these to our read alouds. Feel free to do the same at home!

Next week is also Scholastic’s “Teach Graphix Week”, and we will try to incorporate some of these great ideas into our library week. Check out these fun and interesting videos of very popular graphic novels.

Date for your calendar: we will play board games on Monday, December 16th (14.30 – 15.30). Last board game session of this term! If you have any board game recommendations for the new term, please let us know.

Before the Winter Break, you will find information on this blog (Dec 15) about the results of the Creative School voting, and photos of the new Graphics titles in our library (Dec 20) that will be launched in January.

For now: stay warm and cozy, and of course… Happy Reading!

Reading in the Rain


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