Week 3

In general, I prefer to keep life simple. Enriching, diverse, unexpected and full of wonder, yes – but simple. This blog post is hopefully just that. Settle in, and be ready with your calendar for some dates!

First date: the library will be closed at 14.40 on Tuesday 14/1 due to a meeting which both Sophie and Fleur will attend.

Library buttons | Etsy

This Monday (13/1), we will have the “Library Lovers” meeting after school where our student library helpers will let us know which afternoons they are available to help out. We will set up a rotation schedule for the next few weeks. There will be two helpers per afternoon.

Graphics Section

The new books in our Graphics Section have been enthusiastically welcomed and checked out! From Wednesday on, we will allow two titles per person. This gives the Monday and the Tuesday classes still the chance to check out the new books as well (one per person). Check out the displays to see what is still there (and we can always reserve a book if it isn’t available!).

Board Games

We played Dixit with a new set of cards last week. Super fun!


Our next session is on Monday, January 20th. I will be leading our new game Mysterium then. Of course, there will be Dixit and Tsuro to play as well.

Free Books for 3rd Grade Students

Every year, the Gothenburg City gives out free books to all Förskola (“Nullan”) students, Kindergarten students on the IB side, in the Spring term. In the Fall term (before Winter Break) the LGRP 3 students have received free books. Our local librarian, Lisa working at the Guldheden Bibliotek, arranged for the PYP students to receive free books as well. This means that your PYP 3 student might come home with the Swedish book “Splej”. It is up to the student to accept the book or not. If they (or you!) don’t read Swedish at all, it might be in better hands with someone else. If they wish to read, or practice reading, Swedish – it’s perfect. They can choose to take home a reading journal as well. And if your child likes the Splej Mysteries, we’ve got the rest of the series in our library!


Week 3: Inquirer

This week we will be inquirers when it comes to choosing books to check out. This means we are curious… especially about books we have never heard of! We read with enthusiasm and sustain our love of reading throughout life.


To help expanding our reading horizon, we have set up “If you like… You might want to try…” displays to encourage students to choose books they would otherwise not consider. As the Graphics displays will be clearing out over the next week, we will add a “If you like Harry Potter, you might want to try…” display. We will ask students for suggestions as well. We learn from each other!

Read Alouds

Next week, we will be reading “Franky” by Leo Timmers with the PYP 1 classes which connects with being an inquirer. Leo Timmers was our first Reading Festival visiting Author/Illustrator! (Spring 2017). With the PYP 4 classes, we have switched to “47 degrees” by Justin D’Ath. Justin visited our school last year and worked with them on story writing. He talked about 47 degrees which piqued the students’ interest, and with the bush fires happening in Australia right now; it felt like an appropriate choice.

Fiery Drama: Read an extract from 47 Degrees by Justin D ...

Franky, Leo Timmers | www.3vosjes.nlPYP 2, 3 and 5 will continue with our Read Aloud titles from before the Winter Break; “A Boy Called Bat”, “Frindle” and “The Bridge Home”.

Week 5: Per Gustavsson

This term, our Creative School project events are spread out over the term. In week 5, Per Gustavsson will visit our school! He will be working with the students in LGRP F, 1 and 2 and the students in PYP K, 1 and 2. There will also be a Meet & Greet on Friday, January 31st at 14.30 in our school library. You will be able to buy his books, and have them signed by him. A signed book by an author who has led a workshop you participated in – that is a treasure for life! More information will be shared on the next blog post.

Click here for the poster: per gustavsson

In Week 12, we will welcome British author Ali Sparkes. She will be working with the upper grades (LGRP 3 – 5 and PYP 3  – 5).

We will have an Origami Week with Rachel Barron at the end of the term.

Week 6: Community Week

In week 6, we will celebrate our ISGR school community with different activities happening throughout the week. In the library, we will have after-school activities on Monday (Blackout Poetry), Tuesday (Book Silhouette Craft), Thursday (Newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read Aloud) and Friday (Story Telling Game). Details will come in week 5.

That’s all (a lot!) for now.

Happy Reading!

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