Week 4 & More

Last week, two Kindergarten classes enjoyed their first library time. Next week, the two other classes will visit. Please mark your calendar for their next library time. Students who return their book, can check out a new one!

It turned out that many PYP 3 students said “No, thank you” to the Splej books (as they were in Swedish). Last week, we have started offering them to the PYP 2 students. Any leftovers after that, will go into the happy hands of any interested Swedish-reading student!


On Monday (20/1), we will play board games. Mysterium has been ordered by the Sci-Fi bokhandel, but it hasn’t arrived yet. We can choose between Settlers of Catan, Dixit, Tsuro, or a new game called Werewolves. There’s also chess and memory.

Per GustavssonIn Week 5, author-illustrator Per Gustavsson will visit our school and work with the PYP K – 2 and LGRP F – 2 students. We are so excited! The students will be actively involved in the workshop, learning about Per’s work and his creative process – and of course they will have a chance to create their own illustrations. Students will work with things they are afraid of and how it feels to put that visually on paper.

Per’s visits and workshops are partly funded by the Creative School grant (Skapande Skolan) initiated by the National Council of the Arts (Kulturrådet).

We came across this interesting article about sustaining the love of reading throughout a child’s life. Some very practical tips are offered, including making time for reading and having access to many different kinds of books. We think that our library lessons/times do just that! Also, we are open every day after school from 14.30 – 15.00. As many students are waiting for an after-school activity, it is the perfect time to curl up with a book and read.

Quiet reading time after school in the library.

One of our ISGR parents shared the illustration below with me. Thank you! If you come across the perfect comic/illustration to end our blog posts with, please send me a message: fleur.doornberg-puglisi@isgr.se.

What Reading Feels Like

Happy Reading!

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