Previous, Next and Next-next Week

In this post, you will read about last week’s library vibe, next week’s displays, lessons and activities, Per’s visit and the program for Week 6’s after-school activities to celebrate Community Week.

Library Vibe

We see it over and over again: (most) students love to read together! Some are happy to curl up and disappear in their own book, but we see that students also love shared reading. Fun to watch!

Photo for blog

The other two PYP K classes came to the library this week for the first time. They were excited, respectful and so appreciative. What a wonderful thing to see!


With the help of our wonderful library volunteer Gaëlle, the Anthology section is organized in a way so you can find what you are looking for (like the rest of our library is!). We have already found that it has drawn students to this section to choose a book from. Mission accomplished!


The new Graphics books are now taken from their promotion displays, and placed where they belong: in the Graphics Section in the back room. Although, many of them are checked out, of course. That is where they actually belong: in the hands of our students!

In the Library Next Week


Sophie has cataloged a whole bunch of new fiction books in Swedish. And there is more to come! We are excited for our LGRP students (and Swedish-reading PYP students) to try them out.

Our new displays are connected to Community Week which we are celebrating at ISGR in week 6, and Valentine’s Day.


Next week, during our library lessons, will we focus our read aloud and book talk around being knowledgeable. PYP 1 classes will hear the story of Galileo in Starry Messenger.

On Monday, January 27th, we will play the roleplay game Werewolves again! Last week was a great success, and this week we will be adding different characters! On Friday, January 31st we will have Per’s Meet & Greet in the library – so we will NOT have board games (as I previously had announced). Instead, we will have board games on Friday, February 7th. We will then finally play the long awaited Mysterium!

Per Gustavsson!

Per will be with us for four full days: Tuesday through Friday. On Tuesday, F-1b, F-1a, 1G and 1D will be attending his workshops. On Wednesday, Per will be working with 2F, 1E, 2A+B, and 2G. On Thursday, it will be KG, KE, 2E and 1F’s turn. On his last day, KF, KD and 2D will have the privilige to be part of Per’s illustration workshop.

On Friday, January 31st, there will be a Meet & Greet with Per! You are welcome to stop by in the library between 14.30 – 15.30. Mia from our local children’s bookstore Bokskåpet will be there to sell his books. We get a special discount prize on that day (between 100 and 150 SEK for a book)! Per will be happy to sign the book for you. If your child is in Seals or Seahorses at PAL, please contact me if you’d like your child to buy a book at the Meet & Greet.

Week 6: After-school Activities

In week 6, we will celebrate our ISGR school community with different activities happening throughout the week. In the library, we will have after-school activities on Monday (Blackout Poetry), Tuesday (Book Silhouette Craft), Thursday (Newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read Aloud) and Friday (Story Telling Game). The activities will start around 14.30 and run until about 15.30. Something to add about the Thursday Wrecking Ball Read Aloud: the students who attend can put their name in a hat. We will draw the names one by one, and create a queue that way for this high-in-demand book!


Happy Reading!


Short Story


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