Week 6: Community Week

We can look back at an inspiring, creative and fun week with Per Gustavsson (for the LGRP F – 2 and PYP K – 2 students). And now we’re looking ahead to another great week in the library.

Last week, we have worked with the genre symbols that we use in our school library. We have added a few, such as “humor”, “pet animal stories”, “wild animal stories”, “horse stories” and “love stories”. We connected this to being knowledgeable, and how learning all of this can help you make decisions when choosing a best fit book.


Next week, we will focus on being caring. Students have the option to read to each other, choose a fun book for each other, and share ideas with us how you can be caring in the library. We will also introduce the magnetic poetry activity, where students can create poems together during library time.

After school (14.30 – 15.15ish) student are welcome to join in with the following activities:

Monday 3/2: Black Out Poetry. We use a page from a(n old) book, and read it. Which words combined could make a poem? These words are then either highlighted, or all the other words are blacked out. And of course, at the end, we will share the poems with each other!

Blackout poetry

Tuesday 4/2: Silhouette Book Craft. Materials are provided, unless you’d like to bring an old hardcover book yourself.

Example 1

Thursday 6/2: Wrecking Ball (Newest Diary of the Wimpy Kid) Read Aloud. All students attending the read aloud, can put in their name to be drawn for the reservation queue for the Wrecking Ball. If you can’t attend, then you can of course put in your reservation the next day.

Wrecking Ball

Friday 7/2: Board Games. Bring your own, or play what we have (Chess, Dixit, Tsuro, etc.). I will be leading a game of Mysterium (if they haven’t sold out by Wednesday!).


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

And one last thing…

… Reading turns your world upside down!

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