Week 9: Principled

As we are entering the last week of February, we are also beginning our preparation for the Reading Festival in week 12! But first things first…

Usborne Books

The deadline to pre-order Usborne Books is tomorrow! So if you don’t want to miss out on the titles you want, browse the catalog and email Yvonne directly (do NOT order via the website, please): ykenglishbooks@gmail.com. Yvonne will bring your ordered books on March 11th. She will, of course, bring many more books for all of us to browse. With every purchase, you are supporting our school library!

Board Games

We are playing board games this week on Friday, February 28th. We will have Mysterium, Dixit, Tsuro and Chess to play. And whatever else the students bring in!

Read Aloud

After reflecting and discussing our current read aloud with PYP 4D and 4F, we have voted for The Losers Club by Andrew Clement as our next read aloud book. I have read it over the break, loved it, and I am happy to share it with the students!

In PYP 5, we have voted for a new read aloud as well, only then to realize that the classes are mixed up for the next six weeks! So… instead, every week we will read a picture book that will inspire us, make us think, help us relax (exhibition is a busy time!), or make us laugh.

In PYP 2, we will continue reading A Boy Called Bat and in PYP 3, Frindle. We are almost finished with Frindle, and then we will be moving on to the short, and very funny, chapter book The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer.

In PYP 1, we will have a choice this week of picture books connected to being Principled. We will ask the students what they’d like to hear:



As an IB Learner, we strive to be principled. What are examples of being principled in our daily lives? With our families, our school community, and in the wider community? Integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, respect and dignity are big concepts to grasp! We hope to unpack these, a little bit, through our read aloud. You are invited to continue the conversation at home!


Reading Festival (week 12)

Our focus this year is Sharing our Stories, connected to our well-being and sense of beloninging in our school community. Here is a sneak preview of the Reading Festival in week 12: we will have cozy story time in (different) magical places at school (after school), older students will read to the younger ones, students are given time and encouraged to share their stories with the school community, and… our special guest is British author Ali Sparkes! She will be working with the PYP 3 – 5 and LGRP 3 – 5 students. Mark you calendars for Friday, March 20th for the Meet & Greet!

If you have ideas for this special week, or if you would like to help out in any way (read a story to your child’s class, or help set up magical story time, for example), please let us know. We would appreciate it! Thank you!

Languages of India

In our school library, we have a “foreign language” section. French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese, Japanese, and some Polish, Russian, Arabic, and Farsi are represented, amongst others. We have very, very few books in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, … just to name a few of the languages spoken in India. We would like to expand our section of Indian Languages, but these books are hard to find in Sweden! If you have chapter books, picture books are story anthologies in these languages at home that you are willing to donate to the library, we would very much appreciate it! Thank you!

One last thing to say: be blown away by books (not by the wind!). The above illustrations are by Rob Biddulph, referring to his picture book Blown Away. Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



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