Week 11: Reflective

Happy Women’s Day!

A short update for this week:

On Monday (9/3) we will have board games in the library after school. Bring a game, bring a friend!

This week, during the library lessons, we will talk a little bit more about our Reading Festival in week 12 – and answer any questions that are still lingering. See below for the Reading Festival information.

We will also read and reflect on being… reflective!


We are so lucky to have an abundance of books in our library! And it keeps getting more and more! Here are a bunch of new (fiction) books ready to be checked out. These books are a mix of donated books, and books we bought second hand.

Of course, Ali Sparkes’s display is still up. But all her books are checked out! Please be sure to join us for the Meet & Greet on March 20th. You can buy her books, and have them signed by Ali Sparkes. The books will cost between 90 and 110 SEK.

Here is the Reading Festival Information again. A more detailed overview of the after school activities will be presented next week. Stay tuned!

Reading Festival 2020

Share Your Stories

Week 12: Tuesday, March 17th – Friday, March 20th

What are we doing DURING school time? 

Writing Workshops with Ali Sparkes (PYP 3 – 5 and LGRP 3 – 5)

You will participate in a 45 minutes writing workshop with Ali Sparkes. She will come to your class. Be ready with ideas, paper and pencils!

Buddy Reading (Everyone)

Your teacher will set up a buddy reading moment (can be during your library time) with another class from our school. You will either read to them, or be read to.

Story Wall (Everyone)

Write a story that fits on one A4. You can make an illustration for it as well. Or write the first paragraphs of a story. Maybe even a killer of an opening sentence. Your choice. You can work on this at home, in class or during library time. You can work on it together, or on your own. As long as it fits on one A4, we can display it in the main hallway at school.

Friday Dress Up Day (Everyone)

On Friday, March 20th, everyone is invited to dress up like a character from a book. Brainstorm with your teacher. Maybe the whole class can be from one story? Or even your whole grade level?

Your teacher might organize some other things like: a parent reading to your class, or a fun display to celebrate reading, or read all sorts of fables and other inspiring stories.

What are we doing AFTER school time? 

As always, we will have after-school activities in the library during the Reading Festival.

Tuesday: Magical Story Time 14.30 – 15.00

Several classrooms, and the library, will be transformed into magical spaces. Come and listen to the stories we share there! Stay tuned for more details on which classrooms will be open.

Wednesday: Storytelling Games/Activities 14.30 – 15.30

Come to the library to play a very fun story telling game!

Thursday: Read-A-Thon 15.45 – 16.45

Ask your family and friends to sponsor you to read! With the money we will buy new books for in our library, and you get to say which one!

Read-A-Thon 2020 (Svenska) (1)Read-A-Thon 2020 (English) (1)

Friday: Meet & Greet with Ali Sparkes 14.30 – 15.30

Meet British author Ali Sparkes. Buy her books and get them signed.

Meet & Greet with Ali sparkes!

To read this information in Swedish, please download this pdf file: Reading Festival information (Swedish)

Happy (Bedtime Story) Reading!



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