Week 12

As you all know, our annual ISGR Reading Festival has been postponed to week 19. Ali Sparkes is available that week as well. So that is good news!

How do you start a conversation, a blog post, an email or an update without mentioning the Corona virus? And then the questions start. How do we know what is true? What is the right (or wrong) thing to do? What are our personal responsibilities towards our families, our community, our society at large? What choices should you make, and based on what? What are your values, how do you look at the world?

Somehow we aim to stay informed, stay calm and think clearly so we can make decisions that have the best possible, positive effect on our community, our society.

That is why, this week, we focus on being Knowledgeable during our library lessons.


What are facts? Where do we find them? How do know this is true? How do we respond to things we find out? What is our responsibility? What kind of action can we take? These are questions that we all think about, all the time, and especially now.

In the younger years we will start with differentiating between fact books (non-fiction) and fiction. From there we will ask the question: How do we differentiate between facts and fiction when people tell us things? How can we find out?

We are looking forward exploring these challenging questions with our students this week. And maybe they will bring these questions home as well.

Happy (and critical) Reading!




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