Library Life

As the world is learning about the COVID-19, and journeying deep into uncharted territory, it is reassuring to know (maybe) that library life continues in its (almost) normal way.

[Note 7th of July, 2021: Due to the size of the video files that were placed in this blog post, we were not able to post new media on our library blog. This is why we have removed the below mentioned media. If you’re really curious, you can email me and I can share it with you! Thank you for your understanding.]

Yesterday, we started with ALL of PYP K students in the library:


This video doesn’t exist

Then we had ALL of PYP 3 students in the library:


This video doesn’t exist

After that, we had all of the LGRP 2-3 students coming up to the library:

We ended the day with two PYP 2 classes combined:

This video doesn’t exist

In these abnormal times, it can be reassuring to do normal things (without pretending everything is normal either!).

Stay healthy, wash hands, and of course- Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Library Life

  1. Love seeing these! We aren’t at school this week, but when making our study plans my first grader said we should set an alarm on Friday for library time to begin, and he will show me what you all do at library. I can’t wait to be the student while he is the librarian. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop!


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