Library For You!

It is World Story Telling Day today!

Story time is one of my favorite things in the library (and in the world). As so many of our PYP students are home, we would like to share some read alouds with you.

Sophie reads The Sound of Silence, written by Katarina Goldsaito and illustrated by Julia Kuo, to our PYP 4E students who were at school today:

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The same fourth graders also had a lot of fun with the story cubes:

Fleur reads Little Red Rhyming Hood, written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis, to all of our PYP 1 students who were at school today:

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After that, the students chose a variety of focused activities:

We don’t know what life brings us next week, but we put up some new displays as usual.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and read a ton!


Sophie & Fleur

Keep Calm and Read On

2 thoughts on “Library For You!

  1. Dear Fleur, I want to thank you for suggesting wonderful books to Kinesha. She has really enjoyed reading Inkheart and Auggie & me . I know I had asked you for some thick book so she could read it at home .She loved reading these books so much that she finished them in just 3 days. They were so interesting! I would come again to the Library to return the books and get the second part of Inkheart. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Deepshikkha! I am so glad to hear that. Yes, please do stop by our library for more books. I’ll start thinking about what she might enjoy reading next… Have a great weekend! Fleur


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