Thursday 26/3: PYP 4 and 5

  • SPARK: Read & Respond. Questions to spark conversations between parent and student about their own reading, or the posted read alouds.
    • Questions connected to The Loser’s Club: Why do you think Alec loves reading so much? Why has it become a problem? Do you think it’s fair that he’s sent to the principal for reading in class?
    • Questions connected to Harvesting Hope: Which Sustainable Development Goals can you connect this story to? Why those?
    • General question connected to your story time choice: How is this (bit of the) story connected to your own experiences in life?
  • DO:
    • Pick up a random book, open it to the first page. Write down the first sentence. Then, pick another book, and open it to the last page. Write down the last sentence of the story. Can you try to tell a story, starting with that first sentence and ending with that last sentence? Feel free to share your story with us!
    • Jim Trelease answers, in his Read-Aloud Handbook, why we should continue to read aloud to older children: “… there is a significant difference between listening level and reading level, [knowing that] you can better understand why one should continue to read aloud to children as they grow older. Beyond the emotional bond that is established between parent and child (or teacher and class), you’re feeding those higher vocabulary words through the ear; eventually they’ll reach the brain and register in the child-reader’s eyes.”
      • Trelease, Jim. The Read-Aloud Handbook, seventh edition. Penguin Books, 2013, pp. 39.

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