Monday 30/3: PYP K and 1

Good Morning, PYP K and PYP 1 Families! Welcome to a new day, a new week. We hope everyone is in good health and spirits! We hope you enjoy today’s library post.

  • STORY TIME: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
  • SPARK: Why do you think Vashti says that she can’t draw? Why do you think her art teacher framed Vashti’s paper? Is there something that you think you can’t do? How could you try? Where could you start?
  • DO: Use paper shopping bags to make the biggest paper airplane you can make! You might need scissors, duct tape and wooden skewers too… We did it at home and it was a lot of fun!
  • REASONS TO READ: There are many (many!) read aloud videos online (see our “online resources” tab), but these can’t substitute the story time you have with your child. This is what Aiden Chambers has to say about that: “One of the most obvious but most notable aspects of reading aloud is its socially binding effect. Those who read together feel they belong together as a community, for nothing unites more than the sharing of their imaginary experiences; and they feel together physically, for reading a loud is essentially a domestic, a family-sized activity. Everyone who has read to young children knows this is true. Children sit close, often hugged to you. They relax and become absorbed. As they listen they enjoy the security of belonging. Afterwards they use words, phrases, ideas, characters from the story in their own conversation – linguistic reference points, personal signposts that, for those who shared the experience, say much more than others can know. This is how cultural identity is made.”

      • Chambers, Aidan. The Reading Environment: How Adults Help Children Enjoy Books. Stenhouse Publishers, 1996, pp. 54.

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