Tuesday 31/3: PYP 2

Good Morning, PYP 2 Families! We hope you had a good start of the week, and slowly getting used to this online learning thing. It’s new for everyone!

  • STORY TIME: A Boy Called Bat by Elena K. Arnold. 
  • SPARK: If you could choose a wild animal to take care of in your home, which one would it be? Why that one? How would you feel taking care of a wild animal, knowing that it has to return to its natural habitat soon? 
  • DO: Make a bird feeder out of a milk carton! Here’s an idea of how to do it, but you can choose if/how you want to decorate it. You can make one, or glue a few together (like in this video). Hang it up outside, so you can see the birds from your window!
  • REASONS TO READ: “For reading to make a difference, it has to be personal. […] We read fiction and go to movies to get lost in the story, to see through eyes other than our own. Almost magically, participating in these vicarious experiences sheds light on our own lives. We compare, test, experience, and come away with new thoughts and visions, wondering how we would have responded in similar situations.”
      • Darrigan, Daniel L., Tunnell, Michael O., Jacobs, James S. Children’s Literature: Engaging Teachers and Children in Good Books. Pearson Education, 2002, pp. 8.

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