Wednesday 1/4: PYP 3

Good Morning, PYP 3 Families (and everyone else who is checking out our posts on a daily basis!). Our fifth day of online library learning. So far, so good! March is behind us; hope you’re having a terrific start of April!

  • SPARK:
    • For Frindle Readers: Make up your own word! What would it be? Why? Please share it in our comment section below. Maybe we will start using your new word until it becomes a real word in the dictionary!
    • For Spud Murphy Readers: Are you surprised by the ending? Why (not)? How do you feel about the librarian? Think of three words to describe her in the beginning of the story. Then think of three words to describe her in the end. Is there a change? Why (not)? Do the same for Will. What change do you notice? How did the change happen?
  • DO: Now that you are spending more time at home, maybe you have more time to read as well. It can be hard to keep track of all the books you have read. Keep a reading diary! There are many ways to do that. From a simple notebook in which you write the title, author, publishing date, reading date and a few personal comments to making your own creative, original one, or buying one. Here is a template: __________’s Reading Journal (template)
  • REASONS TO READ: “If reading doesn’t affect our lives, doesn’t change us or influence our behavior, it is no more than a pass-time entertainment, and hardly worth all the fuss we make of it. But if reading books affects our lives emotionally, intellectually, ethically, and in all sorts of other ways, as I believe it does, then it matters which books we put into our heads. And if it matters what we put into our heads, it also matters that we remember what those books were.” 
    • Chambers, Aidan. The Reading Environment: How Adults Help Children Enjoy Books. Stenhouse Publishers, 1996, pp. 39.

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