Friday 3/4: Family Fun Day (2)

Today’s idea for the Family Fun Day is to write acrostic poems. A poem with each sentence/line starting with the letters of your name. You can write an acrostic poem with your name, about yourself. Or maybe you can honor your family members with an acrostic poem!

It is not an easy thing, actually (maybe it depends on your name and self-knowledge!). I find it easier to write them for someone else. So this is what I have come up with for my husband (Brent) and my son (Philip, almost six years old!).













I got stuck with my own name. I can think of “Friendly” for F. And “Reader” for R. Maybe you’re more creative than I am?

Feel free to share your acrostic poem in the comment section below!

Have fun!

Our next library post will launch the start of a virtual Easter Egg Hunt with lots of special surprises… just for our ISGR students!

Stay tuned! 



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