Dates and Such: Usborne, Ali Sparkes and Reading Festival

Many events and gatherings have been cancelled in Sweden, and around the world. So none of you will be surprised when we say that we will not have our Usborne Book Sale next week (April 23 – 24) as planned. And that author Ali Sparkes can’t come in Week 19 for the writing workshops. Sad, yes. But not surprised.

But these times also force us to think outside the box!

Yvonne (from Usborne Books) and I have put our heads together and came up with the idea to have a book sale using some sort of online conferencing program. You can ask her tons of questions, she can show you the books, and you can order directly online. That is the plan, at least. This is just as new for us as it is to you! It would take place on April 23rd, on World Book Day. We will send you details as soon we know more! But mark your calendars for Online Usborne Book Sale with Yvonne on April 23rd!

Ali Sparkes understands that we have to postpone her visit to ISGR. We are looking at dates in September, assuming that things have stabilized by then. Students who are currently in 5th grade and have been really looking forward to meeting her, will be invited to join one of the workshops – even though they’ve moved on to MYP/LGRM.

We will have our Reading Festival in week 19! We are currently working on an alternative program, so we can reach both the students on campus and the children at home! More information coming soon!

Our library lesson this week.
Check out our new picture books!

Happy Reading!

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