Week 17: Preparing for Reading Festival

The beautiful weather is such a blessing! We hope your weekend looks something like this…

It was good to see a few more students coming to school last week. We have missed everyone! We hope to see all of you back again at school soon.

Tomorrow, we will post the Read Alouds and the online library learning ideas. In this post, you will find information about the following:

  • World Book Day: Virtual Usborne Book Sale on Thursday, April 23rd
  • Reading Festival: week 19
  • Origami Week: week 23
  • New Books in our Library

World Book Day: Virtual Usborne Book Sale

Everyone (students, parents and teachers) in our school community is invited to join our virtual celebration of World Book Day on Thursday, April 23rd with an online Usborne Book Sale with Yvonne. Here is how it works:

  • Follow this link to a google form to place your order. Yvonne has included top-sellers and special offers for this sale!
  • Deadline to place your order is April 23rd by midnight.
  • Yvonne is available via phone and email all week for any questions or recommendations.
    • Phone: 070 978 87 90
    • Email: ykenglishbooks@gmail.com
  • On the day itself, Yvonne will hold an online “Book Talk” in the morning (9 – 10 am) and will be available for an online “Q & A” (12 – 1 pm) as well. Invitations for both of these virtual events will be send out on Wednesday, April 22nd.
  • Payment can only happen through swish. Yvonne has a different swish number for payments, which she will send out to you when you have placed your order.
  • Yvonne will aim to deliver your books to our school on Friday, May 8th (the last day of our Reading Festival). Please be understanding if there are delays because of the new corona virus situation.
  • For every book you buy, we get a percentage with which we can choose free books from the Usborne Catalog for our school library. Thank you for your support!

Reading Festival in week 19

I love reading

Despite the fact that Ali Sparkes will not join us, we are still super excited for our annual ISGR Reading Festival in week 19. We will find ways to celebrate! We will have our dress up day, “share your favorite book”, D.E.A.R., Read-A-Thon, story wall, make your own book, etc. A day-to day schedule for the week will be shared with you in the blog post for week 18. We will not have gatherings and special events in the library after school, so we will focus our celebration of reading during the library lessons, and during the school day in the classroom. There will be daily posts to help families celebrate if they are at home.

Origami Week in week 23

Rachel Barron will be our workshop leader for the origami workshops during week 23. OrigamiAll students will, during their library time that week, join the origami workshops. In the weeks leading up to it (but after Reading Festival!), we will work with the students to create a concept, an idea of what they will be working on. This special week is funded by the Creative School grant which we received from the National Council of the Arts.

New Books in the Library

Sophie has been working from home, and cataloging tons of new books (covered by Simone)! A few of them have been delivered by Tom (her husband), and now we’ve put them up on display. Have a look! (The try-our-new-manga display is to encourage students to uh… well, try our new manga! But the actual manga books arrived when we updated our graphics section a few months ago.)


We will keep you posted as more and more new books will trickle on. We are so lucky and privileged to have such a well-stocked, diverse school library!

This week, our library lesson will look like this:


Tomorrow more on our blog with the online library learning ideas, including the Read Alouds!

For now, happy reading and enjoy the sunshine!




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