Week 20: Reading With Your Senses

Reflecting on Reading Festival 2020

What a great Reading Festival we’ve had! It was… different than last year. Not as loud and colorful maybe, but back to basics: celebrating reading and stories by… reading and telling stories!

Take a look at our special Reading Festival 2020 page for the latest (and last!) updates, including a video of our 4D students performing “How to Catch a Leprachaun”!

It is not too late to do to the Read-A-Thon at home! Just remember to hand in the form with your child’s NAME and requested BOOK TITLE. That way, we can purchase the book with the money your child raised, catalog the book, and make sure your child is the first one to check out the book from our library.

On Friday, May 15th, we will place the order for the requested titles. So please hand in the Read-A-Thon form, plus cash/swish payment before Thursday, May 14th. Thank you for your enthusiasm, support and participation!

New Books… Again!

The new books just keep coming in! Well, not “just”. It is due to Sophie’s behind the scenes hard work of labeling, covering and cataloging them. Some of the new books are not on the photos below, because we were too eager to get them into the hands of our students who had been waiting for particular titles for a long time! The free Usborne Books we have received (thanks to your purchases!), are not cataloged yet (obviously). The books on viruses and bacteria are directly used in the new Unit of Inquiry in PYP 5, but will available for all as soon as they are don’t need them anymore.

SV non-fiction 2SV non-fictionimg_1272img_1273

Reading With All Your Senses

This week, during our read alouds in our library lesson, the focus will be to “read with all your senses”. We will be listening to the read alouds, not only for story line and the excited feeling of “what happens next?!”, but also to zoom in on which words/phrases are used to describe something we can hear, see, feel or taste. Students can either choose one sense to focus on while listening to the story, or they can choose several. Students can take notes on white boards, or (for the younger years), make a quick drawing to help them remember which word(s) they heard.

We will pick up our exciting read aloud novels again:

PYP 2: A Boy Called Bat

PYP 3: Coraline

PYP 4: The Losers’ Club

PYP 5: Restart

For PYP 1 students, we will give them a few appropriate options to choose from.

Looking Ahead

Week 21 is only a three day week. We will try to post the read alouds for the students whose classes visit the library on Thursday or Friday. Also, that week we will introduce the “ISGR Summer Reading Challenge.” We will post a video explaining the challenge so noone will miss out!

Week 22 will be focusing on preparing for our Origami Week in week 23! More information about that will come next week. Week 22 is also the last week to check out books.

Week 23 will be our Origami Week, in which students have an origami workshop instead of a library lesson. Students will also return ALL their library books that week.

Week 24 is the last week of school. Students will not have library lessons, but the library is open for returning books. Teachers can bring up their classes for read alouds, quiet working/reading time. Sophie and Fleur will be focusing on big library jobs such chasing overdue books, going through the “lost books” list and auditing our collection.

Can’t believe the end of our school year is on the horizon!

Until then…

Happy Reading!

Kid Reading in a Tree

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