Week 22: Preparation for Origami

This week we will be preparing for our Origami workshop in week 23. This week’s library lesson, is also the last library lesson to check out books. Actually, it is our last library lesson of this school year! In week 23, when the classes come up to the library, everyone will return their library books, and Rachel will lead the origami workshop.

Preparation for Origami Workshop

The Origami Week is part of our Creative School project, funded by the National Council of the Arts. Visual artist Rachel Barron will be leading the workshops. She has successfully worked with us before. We are excited she will be working with us again!

This year’s Creative School events are connected to our theme of well-being and mindfulness. In the origami workshop we connect to this theme in three different ways:

  • During the process of creating and making, we calm our minds. We can feel the therapeutic effect of being focused and creative.
  • In the product we make, we seek harmony and balance in our vibrant and joyful compositions.
  • As a community, we are all working on these origami creations. We will start the workshop with some calming breathing exercises and during the workshop, we will have relaxing music in the background.

In week 22, students will be prepared for the workshop during their library lesson. Students are asked to think about concepts such as, mindfulness, balance, harmony, composition and pattern. Different activities will be done, depending on previous knowledge and experience with these concepts.

In week 23, the origami workshop will be 45 minutes long. Students are invited to create several units, a building piece, with newly acquired origami skills (which Rachel will teach, obviously). She will prepare three different video tutorials, in which units for three different skill levels are shown. Students can then put these units together in whichever way they wish, creating “harmony and balance in a vibrant and joyful compositions” (Rachel’s words!).

ISGR Summer 2020 Reading Challenge

For the students who didn’t have their library lesson last week (Thursday and Friday classes): it is time again for our Summer Reading Challenge! It is a fun way to encourage students to read through the summer and keep up their reading skills while nurturing healthy reading habits!

This year, upon completion, students will receive a 20% discount voucher for the book store Bokskåpet! Bokskåpet sells books (mostly in Swedish, with some English titles as well) and some craft items, puzzles and games. We are excited to offer this to our students who have successfully completed their ISGR Summer 2020 Reading Challenge. The challenge is for students both in the PYP and LGRP section, from grades K/F all the way up to 5!

If the corona virus circumstances allow us, we will have a Library Party in September with all students who have completed the ISGR Summer 2020 Reading Challenge.

Download the form here (or pick up a copy in the library):

ISGR Reading Summer 2020 Challenge

Read-A-Thon Titles

Make sure to check out the books we bought as a result of the Read-A-Thon 2020 event. You can find the new titles in the post below this one.

Looking Ahead

Week 22: Last week to check out books. Library lesson used to prepare for the Origami Workshop the next week.

Week 23: All students will return all of their outstanding library books. Origami workshop with Rachel Barron (in the library lesson).

Happy Reading!

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