Week 23: Origami and More

Mindful Origami

The time has come for our Origami Week! We are very excited for students to spend their last library lesson of this school year working with Rachel on their origami skills. We post photos and videos of our Origami Week on the blog as we go. At the end of the week, we will post Rachel’s origami tutorials as well.

Batman Returns… all library books!

Please support your child in returning ALL the library books they currently have on loan. We will be sending reminder emails to parents of students who have longstanding overdue loans. Some students have been absent for many weeks, and are maybe unable to return their library books themselves. Please arrange with a friend to return the books, or just stop by school to drop off the books at our reception. PYP and LGRP 5 students, or students who are leaving our school, here is an extra reminder for you to please return ALL you library books next week! Thank you!

Thank you for returning your school library books next week!

To Read and Listen

Something totally different, but very exciting: J. K. Rowling will be publishing a new children’s book, The Ickabog, in November 2020. She will post chapters every weekday (from 26/5), and invites children all over the world to come up with the illustrations! How cool is that? Read the full story here. To visit The Ickabog website, and read the released chapters, click here. Happy Reading!

We would also like to draw your attention to the Remember Reading podcast, in which the story behind children’s classics are explored.

ISGR Summer Reading Challenge

Missed the ISGR Summer 2020 Reading Challenge? Download it here!

Free Books for PYP K Students

Every year, Göteborg Stad gifts all “Förskola klass” students a book. Last year, this was Gropen by Emma Adbåge. This year, the F students have received this same book as well. Next week, PYP K students who would like to, can take a copy of Gropen home. This beautiful book is in Swedish.

Lots of bits and pieces in this week’s blog post! You don’t have to remember all the details, as long as you remember to return ALL library books to school next week!

Happy Reading!

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