Origami Wonders

We have been so impressed by the students’ focus, care, creativity, and determination to create original origami art out of the different origami 3D shapes Rachel taught them.

The concept of mindfulness and well-being, the idea of slowing down, turning your full attention to what is happening in the present, and the relaxation that happens in the process of creating – that is what we aimed for with our origami workshops; and that’s what we have seen this past week. What a joy to witness!

Here is a selection of photos to give you an impression of the origami wonders of the last week:

We would like to thank Rachel Barron for her positive energy, relentless enthusiasm, and skillful explanations during the origami workshops, all 25 of them!

The Kindergarten and F-1 classes will receive instructions and papers to work with their students, and teach them the origami shapes we have learned from Rachel.

Students are welcome to continue at home as well. Here are the links to Rachel’s video tutorials:

The origami workshops have been funded by the Creative School grant, issued by the National Council of the Arts. Rachel Barron is a certified and experienced cultural practitioner, workshop leader and artist.

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