Hello Summer Break!

And poof! The school year is finished. Well, “poof”? Not really. So much happens in one year. Learning, reading, thinking, caring, changing, connecting, growing, feeling, creating. Now it is time for a fun, well-deserved Summer break.

Join our ISGR Summer 2020 Reading Challenge:

We have moved the library around a bit, trying out a new configuration. All of our sections are still in the same place though (except for the Swedish picture books; they are in the silent room now), so students can return in August and find their favorite books in the same place!

We would like to thank all the students for their enthusiasm, ideas and stories in the library. Thank you to our parent volunteers for helping us run the library smoothly; you put in a lot of time and energy! Thank you also to our parent community for their ongoing support.

We wish you a wonderful, readingful and restful Summer!

Sunny Greetings,

Sophie & Fleur

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