Routines and Returns

We’ve had two weeks of library lessons, and it’s starting to feel like a routine already! A meaningful and joyful routine! Students have been returning their books, and choosing new ones. Students have relaxed into their quiet reading times. A privilige to watch!

We noticed that the younger students need some more time to remember to return their books during library lesson. In some classes, we had about half the students who had forgotten their books! There’s always the chance to come after school (14.30 – 15.00) to swap out your books, but we would like you to encourage your child(ren) to remember to return their library books on their library day! Thank you!

For the next few weeks, we ask PYP 1 students to check out one book per lesson. In the other classes applies the rule: if you have returned your book, you can check out a book! We are now starting with two books a week in PYP 2 and up.

PYP F have started coming up to the library! Very exciting! This week, Fleur will lead the session and read them a story. They can browse the books a bit too. From next week on, PYP F students can check out one book during their weekly library session.

We’ve started a new sanitizing routine. Before and after each library lesson, we sanitize the scanners and desks since all students check out their own books, which means all students touch the scanner. Our library lesson starts with circle time. When that ends, students can go find their books, check them out and have quiet reading time. In our new routine however, we gently spray the students’s hands with hand sanitizer before they find their books to check out. With this new routine, we hope to limit the spread of any virus, but especially COVID-19 (of course).

Last week we had a lot of fun playing games to learn how to respond to the chime (“Stop, look and listen”). Finding Wally, Wenda and Woof was a success, and I have a feeling we will play this game again! This week during library lesson, we will focus on how to move and speak in the library. We will play movement and other games (depending on class dynamics and developmental level) to playfully learn how we can move through the library in a safe and respectful way, as well as how we use our kind and soft voices in the library.

The first meeting for our Aquarium Club is tomorrow! (Tuesday, September 1st). Parents of the students who have expressed interest, have received a message with more details. We are super excited and curious to see what the students come up with!

We’ve got so many new books to offer our students! We now have the first two series of the Warriors books, as well as many stand-alone novels and new parts of series we already have. Check out our displays!

We are looking forward to another great week with the students! We are also looking forward to seeing you (online) for the PYP Open House on Wednesday, September 2nd.

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team,

Sophie and Fleur

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