Books and Board Games

What a whirlwind of a week it has been! We noticed that many students remembered to return their books. Hurray! That meant they could check out new books to read. Thank you for your support!

We hope you have enjoyed our PYP Open House last Wednesday. It was incredibly strange to “talk” to you online that way. I couldn’t actually see any of you, only myself and the slide with the library information. I do hope it was informative and useful. Now with the precautions surrounding COVID-19, we don’t see any parents up in the library. Those are the rules and I understand, but I do miss that contact! We hope all of this blows over soon, and we can welcome the parents to the library in real life.

Our Aquarium Club last Tuesday was very productive. We spent about half an hour brainstorming ideas, discussing pros/cons and politely (dis)agreeing with each other. I was impressed with the language our students used; “I disagree with that, because…” or “I like that idea, but I am worried that…” We ended our conversation with three interest groups: water (fish), land (snake? lizard?), and land/water (turtle). Each student chose what they are most interested in finding out more about. Next time we meet, on September 15th, we will work in these interest groups. The idea is that, in the end, we present each other what we’ve learned and we try to come to an agreement (compromise, maybe) of what we will do with our aquarium. One student has already suggested we should have three tanks, so we could have fish, a turtle AND a snake/lizard!

Next week, on Tuesday September 8th, we will have our first Board Games afternoon. It takes place in the library, of course, after school from about 14.30 until 15.00ish. Students are welcome to play the games provided (memory game, Tsuro, falling tower) or a game they have brought from home. I will be leading the first round of Dixit, after which the student can play it on their own. You don’t have to sign up. You can just show up and join the fun!

During our Library Lessons, we will focus on how to browse books in the library. Through Interactive Modeling (a Responsive Classroom practice), students learn why and how we browse books in the library. It is important for students to know why we ask them to put the books exactly where they belong. Most of them know already: so someone else can find the book again, and so books won’t get lost. It is important to communicate clear expectations. This contributes to a safe and predictable library community, which frees up our minds to learn new things (and read great books!).

PYP F students will be checking out books for the first time this week. So exciting!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas to share, please email us directly at or Thank you!

Now that Autumn has really started, we can say…

Happy Reading!

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