Ali Sparkes! And Other Library Things

Yes! Yes! Yes! British Author Ali Sparkes is coming to our school! She will be working with the PYP and LGRP 4 and 5 students, and we are so excited! The original plan was for her to visit back in March, but we had to cancel that for obvious reasons.

We got to know Ali Sparkes back in the Spring of 2019, when she did a presentation via Skype for our PYP 3 students (who are now in PYP 5!), as part of their fantasy writing unit. We loved her so much, that we asked her to come to our school the next year (which then was cancelled). But now, here she is! Or will be, very soon.

Ali Sparkes will be at our school in week 40, from Wednesday, September 30th through Friday, October 2nd. She will engage the PYP and LGRP 4 and 5 classes in a presentation and a writing workshop. She will spend one hour with each class.

On Friday, October 2nd there will be a Meet & Greet with Ali in the library from 14.30 – 15.30. You can pre-order books through Fleur, and have them signed at the Meet & Greet. Because of COVID-19 precautions, only students (no parents) will be allowed at the Meet & Greet.

Next week (39), Sophie and Fleur will inform the students during their library lesson about Ali Sparkes’ visit. We will show the students our Ali Sparkes library books. We will also tell them about the Meet & Greet and how to pre-order books. Students will receive Ali Sparkes book marks with the Meet & Greet information, which you can download below as well.

Pre-ordering books works like this: On Thursday, September 24th (between 3 – 4 pm), all PYP and LGRP 4 and 5 parents will receive a link to a Google Form via a message on Managebac and Schoolsoft. This is the order form. We have 44 books available. So first come, first serve. For most titles, there are two copies available. Except for the SWITCH books, there is only one copy available of each title. And for the Finding the Fox book, we have got five copies of that title. If the requested title is not available, we will contact you with another suggestion. Information about the books can be found on the Ali Sparkes website. See the available books to order, below:

The school is not making any profit from these book sales. This is offered as a reading promotion event, and as a special opportunity to Meet & Greet with Ali Sparkes and have a book signed by her. The last day to place your order is on Wednesday, September 30th. When you have placed the order, you will swish the total amount to Fleur (number is on the form). Remember to add your child’s name and his/her class as the message in the swish!

Students will then, at the Meet & Greet on Friday 2/10, pick up their pre-ordered book. When they have their book, they will Meet & Greet with Ali Sparkes, and they can ask her to sign their book!

Please email Fleur if you have any questions: Thank you!

Now on to our other Library Things! On Tuesday, September 22nd we will play Board Games! Students from grades 2 and up are very welcome to join us. Again, just the students – no parents. It went very smoothly last time, and we had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to it!

Next week, during our library lessons, our focus will be on the different sections we have in the library and what kind of books we can find there. Many of our student have been at ISGR for quite some time, so they know where to find the different types of books. But it still a good idea to check-in with the students, and clarify anything that is unclear.

And Sophie has cataloged even more new books for us!

Last Friday, we had a great Aquarium Club session. We found out quite a bit of information and we have a few answers to our questions. We will meet again on Tuesday, 29/9 to make a final decision!

This turned out to be a long blog post, with lots of information. Thank you for taking the time read it all!

We are looking forward to a reading-full week!

Happy Reading,

Your Library Team Fleur and Sophie

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