Genres in Week 40

Of course next week, students in grade 4 and 5 will be mostly thinking and talking about Ali Sparkes’ visit to our school! Read our previous posts to learn more about that:

During our library lessons next week, we will be focusing on genres. We will be discussing, and playing with, questions like: What is a genre? Why do we have them? Why do we use genre stickers in our library (instead of organizing the books by genre)? We will be looking at different books that are examples of different genres. This will help students create an image and a “feel” for the different genres.

This is an example of the use of genre stickers in a public library in Sweden.

For an overview of the genre symbols we use in our library, download this pdf file:

On Tuesday, September 29th, we will have our Aquarium Club! All the students who have been attending (you know who you are!), please be present this week as well. We will be discussing whether we will be having 1) several goldfish 2) a salamander 3) a turtle. We will be looking at the pros and cons of every option. We hope to reach a consensus, rather than “the majority wins”. But we will see if that is possible! A decision will be posted next week on our library blog!

Just as a heads up: we will open up the annual (online) Baker Book Sales (now partnered with Scholastic) for all ISGR students, parents and teachers on Sunday, October 4th. More information about that in next week’s blog post!

And as always; Happy Reading!

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