Ali Sparkes Meet & Greet!

Dear ISGR Grade 4 and 5 Parents, 

Tomorrow afternoon, from 14.30 – 15.30, we will have the Ali Sparkes Meet & Greet in our school library! If you have ordered a book for your child, it will be ready for pickup at 14.30 (when entering the library). Students will then go to Ali Sparkes (in the back of the library) to have them signed. The students who are attending but who haven’t purchased a book can enter the library from 15.00 on. We have bookmarks for them that Ali Sparkes can sign. And of course, they can ask a question and chat with her for a bit. 

Please prepare your child for a possibly long waiting time. We will have an assigned area for students to stand in line (along the fiction shelves), that snakes around the library, and towards Ali Sparkes. Once their book/bookmark is signed, and the question asked, students are expected to exit the library – and not hang around. This is to avoid having too many people in one space. Students can come any time between 14.30 and 15.30. Ali will be there for them! 

Parents are not joining their child. This is an event for students only. Thank you for your understanding!

We are looking forward to a great afternoon!

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