The Week Before Höst Lov

First of all, we would like to thank our guest teacher Lauren and our library parent volunteer Patty for holding the fort when both Sophie and I were absent last week on Thursday and Friday. Thank you, Lauren and Patty, for taking care of our students and the library!

Before we jump into what is happening in the library this week, we would like to bring your attention to a graduation project of a Child Culture Design student who has worked with us last school year, in the Spring Term with PYP 5 students (who are now in MYP 6). Xinyi and the PYP 5 students worked on designing new school library furniture. Xinyi has written a thank you letter to us! Read it here:

She would like to invite us to a joint activity during the Gothenburg Open Week Design Festival with another Child Culture Design graduate on October 23rd (Friday) from 16.30-18.30. There will be art-based workshops and will end with a talk about playful placemaking with children. Xinyi is going to talk about her project a bit more there. We are invited! If you are interested, please let Xinyi know as it is a closed event, so she can reserve your place:

At our school next week (Tuesday – Thursday), we will have dancer and choreographer Rebecca Leonard leading musical theatre workshops for the students in PYP F and 1, and LGRP F and 1! Rebecca is an experienced dancer and choreographer, who has a Performing Arts School both in Ireland and here in Gothenburg. The workshops next week are part of the Creative School (Skapande Skolan) project we run at ISGR, and are funded by the National Council of the Arts. Rebecca will be working with the students on singing, dancing, and acting in a 45 minutes workshop. This song will be used to sing and dance to. Feel free to listen to it at home as well!

For the Aquarium Club this week, we will set up the tank! Once the aquarium has a healthy (bacterial) environment, we will have a “release party” for the fish! We will let you know when the “release date” is.

To prepare ourselves for “Läs Lov” (Reading Break), which is what Höst Lov is now called, we will share with each other during library lesson what our favorite book is. Students are invited to write a note or to make a short video clip in which they are briefly stating what their favorite book is and why. This can be a book in any language, either from home or from a library. Students are welcome to bring their favorite book from home (or pick their favorite book from our school library) to show during library lesson. The idea is that students inspire each other to read books that they’d otherwise not think of reading. All notes and videos will be posted on our library blog on Sunday 25/10 to kick of the a reading-full “Läs Lov”.

We try to put up new displays in our school library regularly to encourage students to try something different. Take a look at our latest displays:

This year, our online ISGR Scholastic Book Club (book sale) is a success! We have already earned 1,189.66 SEK in rewards! This means, because of the orders you placed, we get to choose Scholastic Books for 1,189.66 SEK! So far, we have put the following items for our school library in our “rewards basket”:

We hope many more parents will place book orders for their children! Remember that the deadline is Friday, October 23rd. Place your order here:

Our next book sale, will be the on-site (hopefully!) Usborne Book Sale with Yvonne on March 10th, 2021.

That was it! Wow, that was a lot of different things! Different things, but all with the same underlying goal: to get students excited about reading, inspired to read great books and to develop a life-long habit of reading for pleasure! (Okay, maybe setting up an aquarium is technically not part of the reading promotion program… although one could argue that it contributes to a welcoming school library environment!)

Happy Reading!

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